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March 22, 2018: Late Snow

Welcome to another installment of Seeds & Sand, a daily haiku prompt.


A big snowstorm hit the Eastern Coast this week – and we spent the First Day of Spring plowing a foot of snow!


looking delicious
the snow falling softly

— Issa


The snow
of life and death
Falls incessantly. 

— Santoka Taneda


Winter solitude –
in a world of one color
the sound of wind.

— Basho


Is it a winter shower
or a mouse running
across the koto strings

— Buson


Here is my haiku:


late snow:
the cornstalks have faded
into the wind


Please share your snow-inspired haiku here:

Happy Writing!

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    • Thanks Blake 🙂

      Santoka Taneda is amazing. I bought a volume of his work and relate to him so well sometimes.

      What if I focus on one haiku poet a week? Maybe that would be a good direction to take.


  1. I don’t think I’ve come across much – maybe a couple of times at CDHK – he’s always seemed interesting; a unique ‘atmosphere’ in his writing somehow. And I always enjoy the chance to focus on a particular writer – it pulls you in different directions 🙂

    I’ll be replying to your email and comments soon – still catching up with the prompts at the moment 😉

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