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March 18, 2018: Ostara

Welcome to another installment of Seeds & Sand, a daily haiku prompt.


For today’s inspiration we will look at mid-March, when spring is almost upon us in the Northern Hemisphere!

Whether you call her Persephone, Vesna, or Ostara, she feels long overdue.

Here is a haiku to consider:

i see it:
the first tulip sprout
at last

or perhaps it should be:

i see it
at last:
the first tulip sprout

Personally, I like the second version, though the first version is more traditional in terms of its syllable structure.

What do you think?



Here is another:

among the snowdrops
where the icicles melted :
mud spatters

What is like where you live – in March?  Please share your almost-spring-inspired haiku here:

Happy Writing!

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  1. Definitely the 2nd version for me – it has more impact. But I’ve never been a stickler for the letter of the law. Besides, the 2nd version still has the essential spirit of haiku, which isn’t necessarily always present in everything written as 5-7-5 🙂

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