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March 12, 2018: Riding with Sammy

Welcome to another installment of Seeds & Sand, a daily haiku prompt.

I’m so glad that you are here!


For today’s inspiration we will drive through the State Forest with Sammy the Boxer.  It’s a warm day in March; the snow has melted into impossible ruts and mud puddles.  Other than the pines, it’s very brown outside.

But if you’ve got cabin fever it’s a great day for a ride!

Here is one of my haiku to inspire you:

deep mud:
the old dog doesn’t give a hoot
if the jeep’s dirty


If we look at the “rules” (ahem) of haiku we find:

  • mud puddle is a great kigo (“season word”)
  • the kireji (“cutting word”) is represented as a colon; there is a definite phrase and a definite fragment

  • both deep mud and if the jeep’s dirty are interchangeable
  • this is a moment in time

  • the syllable count is 2 / 8 / 5 – this follows the 5ish/7ish/5ish syllable rule

  • we have mud and a dog, so the haiku involves nature

Read more here:  (More than 5-7-5: What is Haiku?)

Don’t forget to use *all* your senses as you write.  What does the air feel like, smell like?  What do you hear?  And of all the things you and Sammy see, what is unique to the time and the season?

Or … perhaps you have a special pet-inspired moment you would like to share?

Grasp one brief moment, and then please share your haiku here:

Good luck, and Happy Writing!

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